NAW 2021 Virtual
Distribution Leadership Program

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June 7 - 18, 2021

Here's What To Expect!

  • Students can continue to function in their day jobs AND expand their skills at the same time.  An all virtual environment offers an opportunity to stretch this program over a two-week period which allows your students to spend half the day in class with Ohio State Fisher College of Business and the other half of the day devoted to your company, its needs, and their responsibilities.  We heard from members that losing a student for a full week could be a hardship, but now that worry is removed in a virtual environment.


  • Invest in employee education.  Travel expense is eliminated which allows you to consider sending additional students to the program. As one of our NAW members who has sent employees to this course said, “This is a great course for future leaders in distribution who have or will one day have P&L responsibility.”


  • Your leaders will expand their industry contacts.  Networking with peers across distribution is enhanced as specific time slots are now devoted to this exercise.  Learning how others operate and drive solutions across other lines of trade has always been rated as one of the most valuable experiences of this program and the virtual environment allows for this benefit. 


  • Take advantage of an OSU mentor when sending multiple leaders.  Ohio State Fisher College of Business Faculty will set up company-specific meetings for those sending four or more students.  This is a great opportunity to rely on the input of seasoned faculty to help drive internal solutions.

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